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Gabriel Katsuyuki Noda, Brazil

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Russia is hardly the first study option for Brazilian, but I’m enjoying my experience here

At IKBFU I study preparatory course (Russian language, chemistry, physics, biology). This September I’m going to start Medicine. Some friends of mine came up with the idea of studying abroad, in Russia. At first it was weird for me, as. But then I got really excited when I started doing the research about the culture, the language and in the end I decided to come. I was looking through the cities that I might choose and then I came across Kaliningrad and realized that this is the place I could go to. I don’t know whether because it is a small city like my city or because of its location by the sea, the weather, the history behind Kaliningrad region, but I decided to come.

I came to Kaliningrad in October 2017 and so far it has been a really good experience. What I like the most about IKBFU is its friendly atmosphere. As soon as you get here, there is a group of tutors called International club who help you with all sorts of problems starting from the simple stuff to the most complicated issues. I really glad to have them. You feel like home, because everyone knows each other – the coordinators, the directors, the professors have not only professional relationship, they are also friends. That’s something I really appreciate in IKBFU. It’s impossible to be alone here, because you always have friends – from InterClub, from debate club (that is also something I have been a part of), volunteering work and so on. So there are many different students organizations that you can be a part of. We hear that Russians are angry or not helpful, but when you come here you see that they are completely different. They are happy people, they are always smiling and trying to help, especially when they realize you don’t speak Russian, which is not an easy language, but it’s not impossible to learn it.

I’m really enjoying my experience here, and the city is really good because the weather is always good, there is the sea. It’s not that cold like in the rest of Russia. It’s also really easy to get to different parts of the city, because the transport system is very convenient. So that’s why I like the city so much. As to my experience here in general, it’s been really good so far, considering that it’s the first time I’ve lived completely on my own, in the dormitory, without my family or friends. I have new responsibilities, new tasks, new duties, but I’m really enjoying it here and really appreciating my stay here. I’ve got at least six year here ahead of me and I’m really excited about it. Well, if you’re thinking about coming to Kaliningrad, I can tell you that’s the right place, I do recommend this place.



Mohamed Wahballah

"I am a student of the English-language programme "Database Technologies""

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Christian Sierra

"I will never forget the first time I saw snow, it was amazing"

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Mohit Saravana Perumal

"We have tremendous teachers and a friendly atmosphere"

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Manuel Gomez Peinado

"I want to stay in Russia and teach at the university"

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Marthe Vrijdags

"I really love Kaliningrad – it is picturesque and safe place"

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Marina Strizhevich

"At our university there is a good program that supports international students"

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Magaly Choez

"When I arrived, I did not know a word in Russian. Now it seems funny to me"

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Abraham Korodele

"I found in Russia what I was looking for in USA"

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