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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Gabriel Jimenez, Salvador

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University)

It is not easy to study here, but you will get a high-quality education

MIPT is well known among students and scientists, not only in Russia but also in Europe, Asia and America, for its reputation of challenging but rewarding high level education in science. While studying at MIPT I realized that it is demanding and tough process. For me as a foreigner it is even more difficult because of cultural differences and language barrier. Russian is a beautiful language of poetry and literature, but it is very difficult for me. However the challenge is worth it because of the potential knowledge one can get from the world class professors and their experience, work methods and scientific materials. Being a native of an underdeveloped country, I can say that science education and evaluation and teaching methods differ a lot in my country and Russia. Studies at MIPT meet all the requirements of modern education in science. I think studying at MIPT is worth all the efforts, and even more.



Mario Schwaiger
"I was satisfied with the local products quality"
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Rev Waskaduwe Siri Sarana Thero
Sri Lanka
"I am interested in Russian literature and love to travel around Russia"
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Wang Chao
"The dorm is located in the centre, nearby the hospital in which we study and practice"
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Alkhalaf Ahmad
"Accommodation and living costs in Russia are minimal"
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Mubaraq Sadiq Abubakar
"Since childhood I've been dreaming about career in medicine that's why I am here in Russia"
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David De Vacas
"I desired to become a cosmonaut, and now I am a student of aircraft engineering"
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Dipta Saaduddin
"Russian people are friendly and helpful"
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Vo Thi Hong Zyeu
"My university is like a second home for me"
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