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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Kai Lin , China

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

While living here you can have a taste for both Russia and Europe

I would like to share with you my impressions of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. So back to 2016 and 2017, I had one year study experience in Moscow, which has been extremely wonderful. I have traveled and visited a lot of Russian cities, including Kaliningrad, and gained a lot of beautiful memories. After graduating, I have again received a chance to study in Russia, this time for my Master degree. I learnt about IKBFU while I was surfing on the internet and then visited the official web-site to get more information. Now I’m doing my MA in Linguistics.

So, what do I like most about our University? To my mind, the best attributes are the well maintained campus and university infrastructure in general. Moreover, the university offers a very wide range of sports sections, which means you have tons of options to experience different kinds of activities. And the most important, we have very qualified professors. They really know what they are talking about. The level of academics is quite high. As for the city, I think Kaliningrad is a really comfortable place for living with its moderate climate and weather. And, since it is an enclave of Russia, it offers you a quite different perspective of the country. It means that by living here you can always have a taste for both Russia and Europe. It’s quite fascinating, isn’t it? So, I do hope that you guys can join us on campus at IKBFU.



Avloniti Kalliopi
"My first impression of Russia was: wow, what a beautiful country!"
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Sebastian Hurtado
"I like the university, the infrastructure, the education and the people around me"
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Gabriel Jimenez
"It is not easy to study here, but you will get a high-quality education"
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Martina Arabadzhieva
"I hold Russian culture and architecture close to my heart"
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Inbasagaran Kathirvel
"Almost all classmates are my compatriots"
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Martinson Addo Nartey
"I do believe – one day my Russian language skills will prove useful"
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Joshua Orabiyi
"I found friends from different parts of the world"
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Nilufar Hashimova
"Here a good attitude to foreign students"
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