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International Students Testimonials

Преимущества обучения в России для иностранцев

Carla Forneri, France

University of Tyumen

It’s probably the most fulfilling year of studies I had so far

I’m here in a frame of the student changing program thanks to the partnership between my university in Toulouse and Tumen State University. I’ve been really happily surprised with the university. I didn’t expect less, but I really thankful for the chance I had and for the care which was given to me. They really know how to take care for the foreign students, what kind of challenge is this for us to study in different country. When I arrived, somebody was here to take me from the train station and help me through all the difficulties during this year. My friends help me every time I had a problem. For example, to understand how bus system works, you know, very simple things. They helped me to understand the situation while talking to somebody, what is going on in class, what homework I have to do, whatever. The university stuff is really professional, really cares about the students. We study at small groups, so you have good relationships with the teacher and the students, you know one another. And it’s a good human experience. For me it also was good professional experience, I received a lot of knowledge that I’ll use all my life. It’s probably the most fulfilling year of studies I had so far in my life, so I’m very thankful.



Max Domas
"I feel that the teachers really care about my progress in studying"
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Gabriel Jimenez
"It is not easy to study here, but you will get a high-quality education"
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Anzhelika Schetina
"I feel comfortable here, I like the city and people"
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Ariadna Llopis Almarcha
"The people living in Russia are as friendly as in Spain"
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Gulnara Khodzhiyeva
"My friends recommended the university to me; they got quality education here"
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Adrian Mansanares Garsia
"In Russia I've gained good experience and had great summer time"
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Kirill Mednikov
"Students have access to a variety of leisure facilities"
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Hussein Abdinoor Abdi Mohamed
"I was able to work in software engineering before graduation"
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