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Ke Haishan, China

South Ural State University

This programme is created under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

I study at South Ural State University at the double degree programme Electricity and Heat-and-Power Engineering. This programme is created under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Thanks to our China Scholarship Council’s financial support and SUSU’s kindness from officers, teachers and students, we will cherish these all the time. The style of education in Russia is different from Chinese. Some courses I take are practical, for instance, the process control. It contains theory about industrial control but many hours of simulated experiments on the computer and devices. And it is a key feature that most engineering courses include a lot of computation. It illustrates that Russian engineer focus on practical experiences magnificently. It's also great that students from different universities have the opportunity to communicate and cooperate for joint research and the creation of scientific projects. SUSU is located in Chelyabinsk. I love the forest surrounding the academic buildings. The pine trees are very straight and full of great energy. I love snow here, it is really cold outside these days though. There are many lakes there and I’d like to go skating on the ice of the lake. Little boys and girls with their parents are often being seen at the park, skiing, skating, or climbing. That is a very harmonious phenomena which hits your heart at first glance.



Amar Kumar Sahadev Ram

"Russian food is very delicious, especially salads"

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Josef Biednarzic
Czech Republic

"Russian and Czech people are much alike, our languages and way of thinking are similar"

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Carla Forneri

"It’s probably the most fulfilling year of studies I had so far"

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Sedric Nana

"Professors are closer to me in the study process than I expected"

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Burentogtokh Bolormaa

"Russia’s expanse and long history are world known, that’s why I am here"

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Djordje Zogovic

"Students learn from professionals getting first class training"

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Sebastian Sativa

"Yes, it is cold in Siberia, but the nature is absolutely beautiful!"

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Gao Jiayi

"I've been living in Russia for 4 years, and I like this country more and more"

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