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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Mario Schwaiger, Austria

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"

I was satisfied with the local products quality

I live in the city of Graz, but originally I am from the Alpine region and the small city in Tyrol called Lienz. I am studying and working. By profession, I am a software developer. As I am able to speak Russian already, I have decided to professionalize my skills and study the Russian language too. Of course, as I was on a fluent, but not a very high level of Russian language already, I wanted to improve. I assumed that studying the language in Russia will give me far better insight into Russian culture and language rather than keep reading books or taking just language courses. I am also a student at the Graz University of Technology. There was an advertisement of summer course on information technology at ETU "LETI," which I participated in. I decided that it is a good opportunity to improve myself in both subjects, information technology and the Russian language.

The level turned out to be good. I am satisfied with what I learned. I liked to live for a while in St. Petersburg. This is a unique chance. I enjoyed the cultural possibilities you have in St. Petersburg, and of course the need to speak Russian in everyday life. I also enjoyed that between the courses I had time to travel a little in Russia, which I found interesting. Also, I enjoyed a lot that I made quite a few new friends from the course. It was also good that the university provided the dormitory.

Everyday life is a little bit difficult in Russia. The St. Petersburg and its suburbs have more inhabitants than in my whole country. I am from a rural site, and the everyday travel in St. Petersburg seems to me a bit much. I assume that on a bigger scale, it is normal, but this is a big difference for someone who grew up in the village. I enjoyed that in most districts you have the possibility to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, which have surprisingly good quality. I was satisfied with most things that I purchased here.

I think I will recommend these courses. I liked the whole program. Before I applied to this university, I put my nose into some other courses and found some offers, which were mostly the same, but from the total output, I am very glad with what was offered to me here.



Mario Schwaiger
"I was satisfied with the local products quality"
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Rev Waskaduwe Siri Sarana Thero
Sri Lanka
"I am interested in Russian literature and love to travel around Russia"
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Wang Chao
"The dorm is located in the centre, nearby the hospital in which we study and practice"
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Alkhalaf Ahmad
"Accommodation and living costs in Russia are minimal"
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Mubaraq Sadiq Abubakar
"Since childhood I've been dreaming about career in medicine that's why I am here in Russia"
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David De Vacas
"I desired to become a cosmonaut, and now I am a student of aircraft engineering"
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Dipta Saaduddin
"Russian people are friendly and helpful"
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Vo Thi Hong Zyeu
"My university is like a second home for me"
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