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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Mohamed Wahballah, Egypt

South Ural State University

I am a student of the English-language programme "Database Technologies"

I discovered SUSU because of my friends from the European youth organization AIESEC. In 2014 I did an AIESEC internship in Moscow, and I got an invitation to visit Chelyabinsk. When I went to Chelyabinsk, I met a lot of AIESEC members who were also SUSU students. They told me that in SUSU there is a master's program of "database technology" which is taught in English. I thought it would be a good idea to study there. I did my Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in Cairo University. When I visited the computer science department at SUSU and found that they had a Master’s degree program in English, I decided to go. The great thing was that I was good at many of the subjects of the programme which I had learned at alma mater. That enabled me to save time and focus on writing an exceptional thesis. I constantly felt how the university helps students.

The teachers were helpful and nice to us. They did their best to explain things in different ways so that everybody could understand. They always helped us to find the answer even if it wasn’t related to computer science. I am especially proud that my research paper approved for an IEEE conference! Thanks to my advisor Valentin Golodov, we managed to successfully submit our paper to the biggest technical professional organization in the world. The paper is based on the data I’ve obtained when working on my thesis. It’s about the use of deep recurrent neural networks for speech recognition and separation. I wish SUSU could have more programmes in English. I think the university should definitely move in this direction. SUSU has great resources to support your studies and even one of the most powerful supercomputers in Russia. Don’t miss your chance to take education of high quality in SUSU!



Hajar Mastak
"I am going to study medicine in Russia"
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Nguyen Thanh Lam
"I live just two steps away from the university in a modern dormitory"
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Batsaikhan Uugantsetseg
"Going to a Russian university is a family tradition"
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Bakhtiyar Gadzhizade
"Students have medical internship in Russia and other countries"
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Sarafroz Erkinova
"I must consess that's not easy to study here, but it's interesting"
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Adrian Mansanares Garsia
"In Russia I've gained good experience and had great summer time"
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Banerjee Soumen
"Any experience I can get in Russia is valuable for me"
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Awais Qadir
"I could study in Germany but I chose Russia"
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