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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Simi Shirolkar, India

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

University offers the "General Medicine" programme in English

When I was looking for the right university for me, the first thing I did was research all by myself – that was through Internet or through my family members. Basically I looked for all of the univeristies in Russia and eventually I chose IKBFU. The University provides good education, teachers are high qualified, very friendly and cooperative. Morever, there is a Medicine programme taught in English language. I like Kaliningrad because of its weather, people here are very cooperative. Since I come from a country where climate is moderate, I was quiet worried if I would be able to settle down over here, but it’s pretty good and I’m fine with it now. The scenery is beautiful and people are nice, so I like it. The teachers here are very friendly.

Since we have a study goup up to 15 people, teachers are able to pay attention to every student. Each one of us gets attention of the teacher and that is what I personally like most about the studying process. Moreover, the teachers do realize that we have come from India and take into consideration the fact that we need some time to settle down. That is why they try so hard to help us and guide us during our studies. Indian culture is celebrated pretty well over here. A few months ago we celebrated Navratri. The university puts emphasis on Indian culture, people over here do want to learn more about our culture and we are happy to represent it. I really like the fact that even though we are far away from India where are welcome to demonstrate the culture that India represents, and that’s a pretty good thing.



Mario Schwaiger
"I was satisfied with the local products quality"
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Rev Waskaduwe Siri Sarana Thero
Sri Lanka
"I am interested in Russian literature and love to travel around Russia"
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Wang Chao
"The dorm is located in the centre, nearby the hospital in which we study and practice"
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Alkhalaf Ahmad
"Accommodation and living costs in Russia are minimal"
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Mubaraq Sadiq Abubakar
"Since childhood I've been dreaming about career in medicine that's why I am here in Russia"
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David De Vacas
"I desired to become a cosmonaut, and now I am a student of aircraft engineering"
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Dipta Saaduddin
"Russian people are friendly and helpful"
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Vo Thi Hong Zyeu
"My university is like a second home for me"
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