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International Students Testimonials

Преимущества обучения в России для иностранцев

Jose Marsal, Portugal

Samara National Research University

In Russia I found out more about satellites

I am a doctoral student at Lisbon University, and the field of my research is the algorithms for receivers of the global navigation communication system. I came to the Summer Space School in Samara because I work with satellite navigation, but I only deal with the level of Earth-based receivers, so I wanted to find out more about satellites themselves.

Samara State Aerospace University is a good place to study satellites. The tutors here are highly professional, and it was interesting for me to work with them. Perhaps we will cooperate in the future. I obtained unique knowledge relating to the development of a nanosatellite project and its mission.

I was surprised to see Samara! The city is only slightly smaller than my native Lisbon. I want to come here three years later to the Football World Cup and see how Samara will have changed.



Fyong Chin
"I wanted to come to Russia since childhood, now I study tourism in a Russian university"
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Diptopal Chakraborty
"For a history student, Saint Petersburg is a kind of heaven"
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Du Wanying
"Moscow is a wonderful city, Russian people are very hospitable"
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Gido van der Stadt
"The nature of the region is very impressive, there are beautiful nature reserves"
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Amar Kumar Sahadev Ram
"Russian food is very delicious, especially salads"
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Putri Sekar Ningrum
"I live in a dormitory, but it is practically a hotel! "
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Amantur Amatov
"I had a handful of choices, like going to Germany, but I chose Russia"
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Al Uleimat Adnan Amer Ahmed
"I got a scholarship and came to Russia to study"
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